Thursday, December 04, 2008

Of Gratefulness

On the 1 Dec, I was in dilemma. My aunt (my dad's younger sister) has passed away the day before (on my birthday!). As a niece, I have to show my face to the rest of the family members to show my last respect to her.

Due to hubby's work, he can't drive us all the way to Cheras, so I was told to stay back. I really think it was not wise to do so because relative will surely talk bad about me. So I have to hitch a ride from my sister's MPV. My parent, my 2nd sister and 2 children will be following too; meaning there will be no seat for my girls.

Thank God for my aunt (my mom's sister) who is willing to babysit my girls and my maid at my mom's house. I do not have cash to give to her children as a sign of gratefulness but I have some free vouchers for Genting Theme Park. Since they planned to go there this school holiday, I offered the free vouchers to them.

Their children can have fun at the theme park and their parent at the Poker Tables in the casino. I hope they will win some money.