Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Cards

My girl’s birthday is over. She is still very happy with her birthday presents. I am glad that I told my family members and relatives that came to her birthday party not to give her cash instead buy her presents. That is what all children look forward to at this age.

But the time will come where she will not appreciate presents anymore. It is hard to figure what a teenager wants. As for me, I stopped giving birthday present to my cousin because I really do not know what to buy for them. Instead I give them cash to buy whatever they want with it. When I was at their age, I want the same too; cash. So that I can accumulate it to buy my first contact lenses!

Another alternative to giving cash is gift cards. A recent study commissioned by Blackhawk Network, largest third party distributor of gift cards and creator of Gift Card Mall found that 70% feel that gift cards are a useful gift since the recipient can get what he/she wants. Two-thirds (66%) think that by purchasing a gift card, they are assured their money is not wasted on a gift that someone will not like or use. More than ½ (54%) feel that they would rather give a gift card than cash. And many consumers still plan on buying gift cards this holiday (58%), especially women (62%.)

This is so true! I am thinking to buy gift card for my friends and relatives this Christmas.