Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Birthday Party

Praise God that my girl's birthday party was a successful except the food part! I have under estimated my family member's and relatives' appetite and some of them went for supper after the party is over! Thank God also for my mom and sister who sponsored mix vegetables dish, satay, honey dew sago drink and party packs too. Thank God also that they are my close relatives and family members; I am not so embarrassed about the lack of food. =)

They understood that the main idea of the birthday party is to make my 2nd girl happy with birthday cake and lots of present. So the focus wasn’t so much on the food. My 2nd girl was head over moon because she received so many princess toys and one of them is Barbie in NFL jerseys. The smile on her face was priceless and everyone saw it and is very happy for her.

Unfortunately my eldest girl wasn’t so happy because she did not receive any present. All of us console her by telling her that they will buy her birthday present when her birthday comes next year.

Looks like I have to organize another birthday party next year and I must make sure that I have enough food this time around!

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