Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homestay in Bukit Rambai, Melaka

Well, yesterday we met a potential tenant for our apartment. High possibility that they will rent the apartment; we will know by today.

Once that apartment is rented, I have no more Holiday Apartment to rent. But for those bloggers that plans to find a cheap place to stay when visiting Melaka, I have another option for you.

Stay at my kampung house! We have extra rooms to rent out. Fully furnished! If you wanna try Nyonya food, please inform me in advance. =)

The price, we have yet to decide. Won't be more than RM100 per night. =)


shooi said...

I will keep your offer in mind if i ever go to Melaka for holiday ;)

P/s: I love nyonya food...yum!

Anonymous said...


Any idea what happened to the cendol stall in Bukit Rambai? My friends who were back from Australia told me about it. We were disappointed when the stall was not open when we went there.

Michelle said...

When was that? The owner was robbed a few mths ago and she didnt open her stall for almost a month. Now she is back in business.

The stall only opens on Saturday and Sunday.

P i n K _ v Y L e T t E said...

i am looking for a room near bukit rambai-sg udang. doesn't matter if kg house... do you have any information?? i really desperately need place to stay as soon as possible. will start my training soon.