Thursday, November 27, 2008

Credit Cards and Bonuslink Points

Recently I redeemed 2 credit cards reward points and Bonuslink points. The first one was the UOB Uniringgit Points which really disappoints me because the Kamdar Vouchers that I redeemed can't be used in Melaka. And there was no clause at all that said it can only be used in Kamdar, KL on the redemption page! On top of that, they sent me the vouchers with the date altered! I emailed them about it and they ended up having to spend more collecting it from me and send me new vouchers to replace them.

Next was my Bonuslink point. Without much thought, I redeemed the KFC & Pizza Hut RM50 vouchers after I discovered that my 2nd girl and son loves eating pizza. =)

Then my HLB credit card point is also expiring by end of this year. I wanted to get something tangible, practical and for myself. I exchanged it for the Amway 1.5L Water Tumbler. It comes together with a bag which is very convenient for me to bring the tumbler where ever I go; just sling it on my shoulder.

Thank God Citibank credit card point does not have expiry date. I want to collect as many and hope to redeem one of those Soccer Goals so that my son and his father can play soccer at home.

These are the reasons I like using credit cards instead of cash when shopping. =)

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