Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Opportunity Knocks

I am really looking forward to December. It will be a new beginning of helping hubby earning some income for the family. I am so used to earning my own money, I feel so uneasy having to depend on him for our monthly expenses.

Since I resigned in June, I still have good income from blogging but last month and this month, the income is not sufficient anymore. I was contemplated to look for a new job but who wants to employ a pregnant woman. The only way for me to earn some income is to do my own business.

Then opportunity knocks at the door. My sister’s wedding dinner will be on this Saturday and she is replacing the usual appetizer from peanuts to my mom’s pineapple tarts. So I am taking this opportunity to make the pineapple tarts available for sale too and my mom agreed to support me. We will do it together.

I am going to slip in my “business card” on every plate of the pineapple tarts and there will be 50 tables on that day. Out of 500 people, by God’s grace, I am pretty confident that we will have some order since CNY is in 2 months time.

I wonder whether I can sell NFL Jerseys too? Just a thought. :P

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