Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Surviving without IT

In this present time and time to come, no company can survive without IT. It is the fastest way to get job done and communicate; be it in business or education. We can't escape from spending money on IT if you want to make more money.

Let's take a look at a small scale IT scenario; emails. When I was working in my previous company, I am the one who read email and reply emails besides other administrative work. Even writing emails to the boss daughter's principal is being done by yours truly.

So, when I left, they hired a Chinese educated girl. The girl that replaced me is not so internet savvy and did not possess good English. They hired her because she has some experience in ISO. They are paying her 2k a month.

So, the boss hired another girl to do that part of my job (the emailing part) and she got paid 1.8k. In total, they are paying 3.8k for 2 administrative staff to do one person's job. They have not even engage the New York IT Consulting .

And I was only asking for 3k a month before I left! In the end, they lost a good employee and they have to spend more to replace that good employee. That is the cost of being stingy. =P