Friday, October 03, 2008

Craving for Baseball

I wish I have a few Baseball Gloves right now. Then I won't be stuck here in my room blogging away. The in laws are back, the cousins are back and I can have 2 baseball teams! Oh ya! We have the space too to play this game. *sigh* I should invest buying all the equipment when I have the money then. As it is, we will just gather around our 21" square box and watch the game instead of playing it.

Oh gosh! Just by writing this post makes me miss playing baseball so much. When you are pregnant, you will normally crave for food. Thank God so far I have not craved for anything else but food. If I “crave” to play a game of baseball, I wonder how my husband is going to make that happen for me.

When I crave for something, just the thought of it wanna make me vomit. The only way to stop it is by having the food that I crave for in my mouth. I think I should stop thinking about baseball, I worry that if I think too much about it, I will crave for it and I might have to vomit all night long!

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