Friday, October 10, 2008

No More Enjoying Art Class

My eldest is no longer enjoying her art class since I sent her to the art class offered by the kindy. I am not sure whether it is due to the noisy and warm class or the teaching method. I think both contribute to her being reluctant to attend the art class.

Her previous art class was in air-conditioned room and quiet environment but there was only colouring without any drawing which is her main interest; to draw.

Now, the art class she is attending in kindy offers drawing and colouring but I guess the colouring part was too short/little that she don’t have enough of it. Furthermore, the class is real noisy and warm; no air-cond, just ceiling fan.

All her artwork is being done in a workbook so she didn’t get to bring the book home to show us. In a way, she does not hear any praise from us for her good job unlike the previous art class where she gets to bring home her artwork after every class and I will laminate them and hang them on the wall.

At that time I was thinking if we were to move to another state, we would need the Art Storage Company to move all her artwork to our new home! =D

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