Saturday, October 11, 2008

Need Cash to Buy Cyber Cafe

We were offered to buy over a cyber café but we do not have the cash to buy it. Hubby does not want to borrow from my dad nor from any of his brothers. Enough troubling our loved ones. Sad to say, we do not have much savings too. They are just enough to cover our expenses for a few more months since I no longer contribute much income to the family.

So I suggested hubby either to apply for personal loan from the bank or look for Low Interest Cards. Previously, when we don’t need the cash, I received a few phone calls from credit card provider offering $10 thousand with very low interest. Now, when we needed them, my phone doesn’t ring!

Talking about credit card, I must remind hubby to start using his visa credit card because there is a minimum swipe that he needs to have in order to be waived from the annual fee.

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