Monday, October 06, 2008

Cloth Diapers: Which Brand to Buy?

I noticed that many mothers are into using cloth diapers instead of the disposable diapers. One cloth diaper is not cheap; minimum RM80 per piece and some come without the inserts.

However, they said that in long run, it saves a lot of money. Come to think of it, it does save a lot because one packet of disposable diaper is more than RM40 for 60 pcs which can last for only a month or less. Buying cloth diaper which work like disposable diaper that keeps baby dry for at least 4 hours is only a one time investment.

So I am thinking to start investing in a few pieces for my coming baby. There is homework for me to do before buying because this is still new here and not many mother that I personally know that is using cloth diaper. So far, only one of my SILs is using it.

There are a lot of brand to choose from and with the help from Branding Company, all of them sounds so good not to buy.

I guess I'll start chatting with some mommy bloggers who has been using this cloth diaper for a while. I am sure they could give me good advice. :D

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