Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need Money To Buy More Computers

I have been helping hubby at his internet café for a while now. Well, praise God that business is looking good. Never a moment the shop is without any customers. At times, we have to turn down a few of them because we have full house.

To date, we have 20 computers and hubby wanted to add more because without adding more computers the sales can’t increase further. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to buy more computers. I want to borrow from my dad but hubby refused. He does not want to borrow anymore money from family members.

How I wish, I was earning $2k a month like before then I can help him buy more computers. Come to think of it, maybe he would be willing to borrow from the financial institution like the bank or credit card.

With our good credit history, I am sure we can get the instant approval cards for business and also personal. Then we slowly pay the credit card company and with 0% APR, we can save on interest too. No family members’ money involved.

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