Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pregnancy Makes Me Unproductive

I have a few assignments to write but all I could do is just stare at my laptop, stare at the wall, stare at my feet and stare at my hubby sleeping.

My mind just couldn't focus on writing reviews not even crapping.

In the morning I told myself, I will do it after sending my kids to my mom's. While I was there, I was just too lazy to drive back home and ended up napping there.

Then I told myself that I will get to it after the children slept. When putting them to sleep, I slept! By the time I woke up, my mind is on a sleep mode.

I think I better head the pillow now and hope I can write something tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

pu said...

hi just bloghoppin. i know wat u mean. i could hardly sit up properly during my pregnancy. constant tiredness. argh. but it gets better further along right?