Friday, September 19, 2008

Cheapest Dining Table, Cheapest Bed and Cheapest Mattress

That is what I told the furniture shop owner the moment I stepped into her shop. I want the cheapest, please! "Oh, it is for your apartment is it?" Oh she can read my mind! =D

Cheapest Dining Table
After going through the catalogs and some honest advice from her, the cheapest 4 seaters dining table is around RM280 but the top is made of chip board which will surely damage if water spills on it. Ok, we can forget about it, I can't be changing dining table for the students every year. Then she showed me a 6 seaters glass table which is on promotion; RM380. It looks more classy and durable. So I added that to my list.

Cheapest Queen Size Bed
That will be the metal bed and the cheapest is RM200. No other option. Took that too.

Cheapest Mattress
This one I don't care how it looks like, I just want the cheapest and not so thin. She gave me a 6 inch mattress which cost RM140. Took that too.

Total = RM720.00. Request her to round it up to RM700.00, she agreed coz we frequent buy furniture from her. =D

Next, I need to find the cheapest water heater, bedsheet and curtains.

I really need to fully furnish the apartment before October because we have people renting it as holiday apartment and soon the new students are coming in to stay in November.

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