Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Desperate for Money

I spoke too soon about my apartment rental. It is now down to RM600 a month and I need to provide curtain for the main door 8’x10’, 3 window curtains, rubbish bin, bucket for their children to bathe and new water tab. Earlier they asked for a water heater, a TV and free broadband! Do you think that they are asking too much?

If they are paying like RM800 a month, I wouldn’t mind providing all those. Even though I do not have cash in hand right now but with my good credit history, I know I can get the instant credit offers if I were to apply for one.

I was pressured because he called our neighbour who is also looking for a tenant. This tenant of mine told them how much they are paying for mine and for someone who is desperate to get their apartment rented too will definitely offer a lower price. I was kinda pissed off and told the tenant that if he were to tell them that he is getting mine at RM500, they will definitely offer him RM50 lower.

I just wanna get the deal done with and agreed with his “demands”. I am desperate too. Furthermore I know he won’t be renting my apartment for long due to his vocation. As long as I do not need to pay the whole lump sum of the home loan all by myself, I am happy.

I got free window curtains from my mom’s; she changes curtains every year. The rubbish bin and the bucket, I have a few of them in my other apartment; left by the students. And my mom volunteered to sew for me the door curtain and that save me a lot of money. The ready made curtain would easily cost me RM200-RM300. I bought the curtain cloth at Kamdar, it cost me less than RM50. I save RM150!!!

Apart from that, I gave them some value added services like bringing them grocery shopping at Jaya Jusco just now because they do not have vehicle and have no family and friends around, offered them to find out the whereabouts of Bank Islam and they asked my favor to recommend them on buying good and cheap used car. I also offered my children’s toy for their girls.

I hope they will appreciate all those and stay put in my apartment. I doubt other landlord would do the same because they do not have the free time like I do.

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