Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No More IOU Please

I was at hubby’s shop and took over the cashier counter from him while he went shopping for sweet stuff. He wanted something hot and something cold but both must be sweet. He came back with a container of ice cream and a can of coco powder and condensed milk.

While he was away, I went through his account and saw that there are a few customers owing him; from $1.60 to $365. How come he so generous one letting his customers owe him??? I am kind of upset in this matter. He was saying that if he is very strict, they might not return.

The max IOU is $365 and he did not return! We went to his mother’s food stall a few times but never once we get to meet him or his mother. Like they can smell that we are coming to collect debt. If the amount is $3.65k, I would have already bug hubby to hire the debt Collection Agency to help us out.

As it is now, hubby is still hoping that one way he would bum into him and get his money back. Honestly, I considered that money burnt. I doubt he will even get it back.

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