Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eat More, Loose More

When it comes to loosing weight, all I have to do is reduce my food intake and exercise religiously. I guess due to my high metabolism rate, I do not have much problem in loosing weight if I am motivated to do so. I was never on any diet plan because they made me hungry and weak especially if I go on low carb diet by reducing my staple food that is rice. So when I really indulge in my favorite food, I make sure I exercise to burn all the calories that I take.

Unfortunately as age is catching up, my metabolism rate isn't as high as before and I started to love food more than exercise. Due to my current vocation as a full time blogger, most of the time I will be glued on my leather chair blogging away. I hardly have time to exercise. A friend advised me to go on a High Protein Diet which work for her. My sister in law tried that before too. It works for a few months but in long term she put on weight again.

As an Asian, I doubt I can go on a High Protein Diet. That means no rice for me and no noodles. How can I survive without my staple food? Furthermore, going on a High Protein diet is quite costly. Rice is always cheaper than high protein flour or whole wheat bread.

I am glad I found The Fat Loss Guru which claims to be better than Jenny Craig or Weight watchers. According to The Fat Loss Guru, the key to fast, long term fat loss is eating more meals throughout the day at the correct times. That is exactly what hubby has been nagging me about because I only eat when I feel hungry!

I am glad I found an expert telling me the same thing!

And The Fat Loss Guru can also fix chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems and much more. This diet is simple to follow because its fat burning diet generator and the ultimate diet handbook it comes with. Wanna give it a try?

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