Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to Build Credit Score

In the US credit score is a number that reflects your creditworthiness. It shows whether you can afford to pay off your debts. The credit score is calculated by credit bureaus. It is based on your credit history, your income and many other factors. So having a good credit score is very important when getting the best credit card deal or loans.

Below are a few tips on How To Build Credit Score:

1. Opening checking and savings
2. For faster credit history, open a joint account with someone who has a good credit history.
3. Pay all your bills on time.
4. In order to do that, please don’t max your credit card spending to ensure you can afford to pay all your bills on time.
5. Apply for credit while you are in college. I am sure your parent will help settle your bills. ;)
6. Use your card regularly for at least 6 months for your credit score to be generated.
7. If you have bad credit, apply for secured credit card and pay on time this time!

You have the right to know your credit score once a year but it is highly recommended to check your credit score more often. You can get your free credit reports online from Besides that you can also get professional advice on how to build your credit score from them. You will also find a range of articles and reviews about building credit, choice of the most suitable card, managing one's credit and debt.

If you are searching for best credit card rating; they have a compilation of credit cards for all types of credit rating. And if you have anymore question that could not be found in the website, their financial advisors are ready to answer your questions about personal finance and credit; just visit their online customer support.

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