Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Terminating Tenancy Agreement

That if the current tenant still delay the deposit and rental payment.

We are quite reasonable by letting them move in with just one month rental and they promised to pay the deposit a month later.

A month later, still no deposit and keep delaying it; so we suggested they move in to another apartment which is cheaper than the current one plus we only ask for 1 month deposit instead of 2.

Still they can't pay the full amount and delay payment again. If by tomorrow, the money is still not in our bank account, hubby will just ask them to move out. He doesn't want the headache if this happens every month.

If they move out, we will be burdened with 2 home loan to pay every month from our own pocket money.

I will be the most stressful in this matter. Mana mo cari duit???

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