Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where to find the Best Credit Card Rates

I can’t live without the plastic. Can you? They are so convenient that it as become part of my life. Having no credit card is like going shopping without wearing any clothes. I feel naked.

Having said that, owning a credit card is not about owning just any credit card. You must get a credit card that best suits your spending habits to get the most out of it. I will go for Rewards Cards in which I will get Cash Rebates Cards or those with redemption points and no annual fee. I hardly see the APR of the cards because I always pay on time.

But if you plan to spend on something big like buying a laptop, expensive electrical item or even buying a car in which you plan to pay installment, do look for low or 0% APR to save on the interest rate. If your credit history is good or excellent, not only you are eligible for the lowest APR deals from MasterCard or Visa, you will also enjoy their no annual fee, rewards, cash and gas rebates.

So, where can I get the best credit card rates? You may ask. of course. Not only you can compare the credit cards from different provider and choose one that best suits your needs, there is also a very good tips on applying for cards with Low or 0% APR. Please read that first before applying for one.

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