Monday, July 14, 2008

Reebok Backpack for RM39 only

Ever since hubby started cycling to work, he has been using my backpack which I got it for free from one of the MNC company to carry his clothes and lunch box. Look what happened to the FOC backpack.

Well, we can't expect much from things that is FOC. =P

So, last week we went to hunt for better quality backpack which also means that we must be prepared to spend more. We went to Royal Sporting House that sells branded sports item like clothing, shoes and bags.

To our surprise the manager of the outlet is our church member and she offered us staff discount; 40% off. You see, looking at the price tags, they sent us almost running out of the shop but she stopped us asking what are we looking for.

40% is a lot. A RM100 bag will only be RM60. So we went to the bag section and choose. We found this bag; Reebok brand.

Much to our surprise again and also the manager's, the bag has special discount. It is tagged as Value Buy and the price is only RM39; more than 40% discount.

We only use her staff discount to buy a shoe bag.

Really God's blessing! =)

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