Monday, July 14, 2008

Debt Collection

Times are bad now and sometimes the company has to “beg” to get their customers to pay. All this so called dirty job, the lady boss will hand it to us to do. We are not a pro and most of the time our appeal fell on deaf ears. They should just hire a debt collection agency to do this job instead of us.

A day before I left office, my colleague told me that the new girl got scolded by one of the customers for calling him asking for payment. To us, this customer is a very nice soft spoken man; maybe she got him at then wrong time. He hangs up the phone the moment she asks him for payment. The new girl has the courage to redial his number; she got hang up again! On the third try, she was scolded by him; “What is wrong with you???” he said then hangs up.

The next way, the same customer called my other colleague that always liaise with him to inform her that the cheque has been posted in his gentle soft spoken voice. The new girl definitely got him at the wrong time.

This is only one incident. We encountered many other worst scenario in which we tried to delay calling the customers whenever possible.

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