Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paying Maintenance Fee for What???

The lift stinks. Even the button dropped in. The moment the lift door open, the rubbish smell pokes your nostril. They take away the rubbish but left the stinking water from the rubbish bag on the floor. Hoping that the sun will dry it up???

The entrance gate is not functioning. I don't see any guard at the guard house. Neighbour told me that recently there was a theft there!

The place looks very run down and many apartments there are for sale. I heard even at RM50k no one wants to buy. I bought it at RM96k! =(

I just hope the student from hubby's apartment willing to shift to my apartment (mine cheaper rental) coz they have problem paying the deposit and monthly rental for hubby's apartment. Just stayed for a month plus, got payment problem already!

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