Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving and Feng Sui

For some Chinese that believes in Feng Sui, moving into a new house or business premises must be done on the exact time and day. If you were to hire an unreliable moving company that turns up at your door even 15 minutes late, moving in would not be timely too. This is going to be a big Feng Sui issue and businessman especially is very particular about this.

Many Westerner believes in Feng Sui too and if you are living in Boston and looking for reliable moving company, do consider hiring Humboldt Storage and Moving company. Humboldt is the oldest, most experienced Boston Moving Company in Massachusetts. Their team of professional movers manages local and International moving assignments.

With their years of experience, you can be sure the quality of service that they can provide and I am sure they have come across clients that are very particular about Feng Sui too.

As for me, Feng Sui is no issue as I do not believe in it. As long as all my stuff arrives the destination in one piece and complete; no missing item, I am a happy camper. Oh ya, the price that I am going to pay for the service must be reasonable too.

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