Thursday, July 10, 2008

Face Lift or Wrinkle Cream

I think I shall go for the wrinkle cream first because it is much cheaper than going for face lifting treatment.

That day, I went for facial treatment after 3 long years. That is how busy I am; no lar...just sayang wanna spend so much money on my face. :]

The beautician suggested that I go for the face lifting which will help reduce my acne scar. They are having promotion; one treatment for RM120. I need to go for at least 6 treatments to see better result. All sales gimmick. :P

Anyway, due to my sensitive skin and too many blackheads, the beautician decided not to do the treatment on me. She said I need to clear my ALL blackheads first before going for the treatment. I think arh, it is another sales gimmick; trick me to spend more money of the normal facial first then spend another amount for the face lifting.

Well, that's the first and last time I shall go there for facial treatment.

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