Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spyware Removal Tool

My old computer has started slowing down and it takes almost 2 minutes to load up everything. It was much faster when we first started using it. I told my husband about it and he just sigh. He told me that it could be infected by malware or viruses. Oh no, not again. I have bad experiences with computers being infected by viruses and malwares. Hahaha...then again, nobody have good experiences when their computers got infected by viruses and malwares. Good thing that my husband knows about computer stuffs or else I will die waiting and rebooting the computer, thinking that the computer is "stalled".

When I asked him what should I do about the problem, he told me to run an antivirus scan on the computer which I did. However, no threats was found. I think the antivirus program is not good so I made a search on the net for good antivirus and anti-malware program. There are many programs out there but one worth mentioning is "Exterminate It!".

One of the key features of this spyware removal tool is the "Submit State" feature when you can submit your PC problem and you will be given the remedy within 24 hours within their next database update.That means that even if you got the latest virus or spyware disrupting your PC, you will be able to get the remedy within 24 hours.

That is fast service and very helpful when you really need to use your computer urgently. Furthermore, you don't have to run it all the time unlike some other antivirus programs. You can run it only when you need to and by doing so you can save your PC system resources. In other words, your computer will be running faster.

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