Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday, Come Fast Please

All this while I never hope for Monday to come fast, not even if that Monday falls on my birthday. =P

This week, I hope that Monday, 10pm will come real fast!

I was surprised the know that the CEO of the advertising company didn't know that his subordinate is paying me referral for helping them look for blogs that is interested to place their ads.

After a month "working" for them, they hold my last referral and said that they have to speak to their CEO whether it is OK to pay me referral. Like this also can arh???

I hope I will find favor in the CEO's eyes and thank me for my job well done instead of withdrawing paying me referral and using my service.

It is easier to get a blogger to find other bloggers rather than them going straight to bloggers. When they approach them directly, some thought they were a scam.

If not, so sorry to those who has submitted your blogs to me. I can't help anymore. So you better pray hard for me. =P

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