Friday, April 11, 2008

Foam or Fibre Mattress

I was torn between foam and fibre.

I have wanted to buy a new queen size mattress for my girls since the current spring mattress is very springy now. But procrastinate until my girls got bitten badly by bed bugs. :(

When I was "rich" from blogging a few months ago, I wanted to get the fibre mattress which cost more than RM500 but I did not. Even though I earn a lot then, I don't spend them on non-urgent thing instead I used the money to pay hubby's business loan.

Now that I am "poor" from blogging, I have to settle with foam mattress. Only RM180 for a queen size. It is quite hard and cooling too. I don't think it will sink so fast unless hippos sleep on it every night. =P

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