Sunday, April 06, 2008

Corporate Meeting in a Villa

I work along hand with MNC oil companies. They are our customers. One of them really knows how to spend their company’s money for work and pleasure. Their meeting will be held in 5 stars hotel conference room or some well know popular resorts. I wonder why they would need to spend so much. Maybe by going away from their normal office setting, ideas would flow out easily since their mind will be more relax with the peaceful, serenity and stress free environment.

Since they have so much money at their expense, I would recommend them Villa Nicoletta by St Thomas Villas as one of their meeting cum holiday destination. With over 3,300 square feet of place, the villa has plenty of room for business and pleasure. The villa is equipped with 4 Dell computers with 19 inch monitor and wireless broadband too. Besides that they also have printer, fax and scanning machine. I guess you have to bring your own LCD projector for presentation.

I guess the moment that they would be waiting for is when the meeting is over. Yay! Vacation time. How I wish I am working with that MNC now. I wonder whether they will employ me if I write in, since they knew me so well.

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