Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Baseball in Genting Highland

At Genting Theme Park beside the Rainforest Splash Pool; warm water pool of course; I had fun playing with bow and arrows. When I was in campus, Archery is my next favorite sport besides Baseball. Even though I always return to my hostel room with blue blacks on my arm, I will still return the next session to shoot again. Oh! The thrill of hitting the Bull’s Eye.

Well, I do hope that one day Genting would have Baseball Equipment. It is fun either to just hit the ball, throw the ball or just to pitch the ball. I am imagining being in a close room with the auto pitching machine and me standing at the batter’s plate, waving my bat, preparing to hit the ball.

Hey, they should invest in this lar. I am sure lots of people would want to try out playing baseball since most of us do not have much opportunity to play the game once we leave school.

I could write to Genting about this brilliant idea and maybe, if they like it, I could get free for lifetime membership to use the facility. Fiona, if you where to read this, suggest to your management okay since you work with them. =)

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