Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Inconsistent Power Supply...Will TNB Compensate for the Losses?

It started with a trip of the power supply for the reception area.

Then modem has no power supply at all. I was thinking that it could the the short circuit in the modem that caused the trip.

So I left the PC and get my colleague to call the computer technician. While talking to her, the office light when dim then back to normal. It seems that the power supply is not consistent. Then we heard a "pop" sound and saw smoke coming out from lady boss' computer monitor. Wah! Thank God it happened after I left the computer.

Within that 15mins, the power supply went off and on so we make a complaint to TNB and shutdown our computers and all other electrical stuff in the office.

Then there was 2 more "pops" and smokes. They came from my printer and the fax machine. Alamak! We forgot to switch that 2 off. I heard that a few lab equipments and production machinery when "pops" too.

When the TNB technicians came, they discovered that the main box outside the factory was opened and something (i dun know what they call it) was stolen. That caused the inconsistent to the power supply.

It seems that my boss will surely make claims to TNB for the losses. I wonder whether TNB will compensate.

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