Friday, March 21, 2008

HDPE Scrap Supplier

The company I am still attached to manufactures lubricating oil for Industrial, Automotive and Marine. Metal drums, plastic bottles, pails and carton boxes are a common sight in the plant.

Most of us, who owns a vehicle, let me inform you that the lubricant price is going to increase real soon. In the past 2 weeks, the base oil has increased more than USD50/mt and it is predicted to increase further. Not only base oil, the plastic bottles and pails have increased too. I printed the revised quotation on the 15th and just now in the office I was rushing like mad revising all our quotation again due to another price increase of the base oil.

Since we have no control over the price of base oil, we are looking at the cost of packaging material. I understand from my bottles supplier that they do use recycled materials like HDPE Scrap in producing the bottles to reduce cost. In this case, I have to inform them about Raw Polymers Ltd. They have been successfully supplying some of the biggest plastic converters and manufacturers in the Middle East, South America, Europe and Asia.

I hope that they would be able to quote a very good price to my bottles and pails supplier so that we could get cheaper bottles. Which in return will lower our ready product cost and you can thank me for the reduce price in the lubricating oil that you uses.

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