Saturday, March 22, 2008

Domain Expired???

This morning I received an email from RM saying they can't find my review at my Sketches of Life. When I click the link, I was shocked to find this message. "This domain name expired on Mar 19, 2008. Click here to renew it." What the @#$%!!!

I paid for the domain for 3 years which will only expires in 2010. Once this domain really expired, I am not going to renew it. I wonder whether it is possible to transfer domain to other company?

When I first bought this domain, after a week, with the payment receipt in my hand, I still get an email from them saying that I have payment overdue to them! At that time, I regretted buying the domain from them. I foresee more problem will arise in the future, like what I am experiencing now. Too obvious that there is no communication in the company.

Malaysia Boleh! but Tidak Boleh!

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Elaine said...

Why like that? The host should notify you for renewal before it expired. So to avoid complication like this la...

go hantam ur host gau gau ans ask for compensation