Friday, March 21, 2008

Buy Gold Bar...Yes or No

I told hubby that my lady boss bought 1kg of Gold in 100g x 10 pcs of Gold Bar at RM108/g. Current market price is RM118/g. I think she got special discount for buying that much and also the goldsmith is her hubby's badminton kaki.

If I were to listen to hubby and buy gold bar years ago, we would be rich now. Only if we have the money to gold bar then. :P

Even now, if I were to buy one piece of gold bullion at 100g per piece, that will wipe out all my savings in the account. I need liquid asset in case of emergency. I can't just bite a piece of that gold bar and sell them to get some cash.

I think, I will wait till I have more cash in the bank.

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