Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking for SEO Company

I am still waiting and hoping that the GM of the Search Engine Optimization company would at least have a chat with me about the Link Pop Job that he offered me. At least, if his staff is not professional in handling contractor, he should at least have the courtesy to straighten up things with me. In the first place, he was the one who head hunted me. I didn't go begging at his door.

I am thinking that maybe I should find other SEO companies and offer the same services to them. Due to our exchange rate, my charges to them would be very attractive. Paying blogger to write for the advertisers could me more costly than just hiring people like me to look for pages that offers free link exchange.

But then this job is quite tedious and requires gluing your eyes to the computer screen for hours. Would I be willing to risk my health, especially my eyesight? Would the money gain worth while? If paid post is a lot, I would not want this job. I enjoy writing more. And I can even compose what I wanted to write in my head.

Should I try? Anyone can suggest any reliable SEO company?

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