Thursday, February 21, 2008

Increase Sales by 5%

A day before the audit, big boss asked me about his Quality Objective. Huh? He does not know? He was the one who gave me the objective. Eh wait. I think I am the one who suggested the objective for the Marketing Department; that's his department. No wonder he cannot remember. :P This shows his lack of commitment to the quality system.

His Marketing objective is to increase sales by 5%. Last year his objective was to gain 2 new customers; I suggested that to him too. That has been achieved. So this year, he to work hard to get more sales. With the recession, 5% might not be possible to achieve. People tend to spend less which means, consumer will drag their oil change period. Instead of changing oil 4 times year, it will only be twice a year. That means, the company’s sales could drop by 50% instead of increase by 5%.

Well, if he does not want to do the work, he can always engage a Marketing Company to get that 5% for him. It just a matter of whether he is willing to spend or not. I hope he will not push his responsibility to us!

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