Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mommy Must Be Healthy

Colin wrote a good article about Health and Fitness after Pregnancy affecting the Whole Family. Oh well, I failed in that area and my family is affected especially my children.

I work too hard, neglect my sleep, eat unhealthy food and now I am experiencing the consequences. My health is very fragile. I fall sick easily. I get backache very frequent too. I think I have more wrinkles on my face now. I have bulging tummy due to no exercise. I think I need to change my specs too.

So I took a drastic step by resigning from my current job so that I would have a more balance life. Time for myself, time for my children and time for making money. I really thank God for the opportunity to work from home and earn more than my current pay in shorter working hour. I think God wants me to get more rest and then make more babies! LOL.


Silvery said...

I totally agree that mommy must be healthy for the good of the family. I also strongly believe that a woman need to be healthy before she becomes a mommy, when she carrying a baby and when she is a mommy. In the first and second cases, mommy's health will affect the baby's "genetic health" directly. It's like when you want to build a house. How the house look like, the architectural blueprint, is equiv to a baby's dna. How well the house is built, good/bad quality material used in construction is equiv to baby's health, eg lack calcium = weak bones, lack dha = less brain/eye power, etc.

I applaud your decision to resign in favour of a more balanced life. Your children will only be young once, so enjoy them while you can. Don't worry too much about loss of earnings. Resigning actually means less expenses in clothes, travelling, etc :)

Michelle said...

you are absolutely right but not the traveling expenses part..hehe...i work just 5 mins away from home. if i resign, i think i will travel further! like sending children for piano or ballet class in town. :)