Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am Pregnant

I am pregnant. I AM PREGNANT! Yay!!! Finally I am pregnant!

Not me. Not yet. Maybe not again. :P I have 3 beautiful children already. :)

I long to hear those word comes out from my sister in law who is still trying for her second baby. It has been five years already. From another sister in law who just got married last year and had a few miscarriages too. Sad. If not my children would have more playmates.

When I first got pregnant, almost 5 years ago, the first thing I did was Google for pregnancy due date calculator. I was so excited to know when I will get to hold my baby in my arms. It was the second pregnancy for me because I had a miscarriage too during my first pregnancy. So that was much an anticipated pregnancy.

Then I subscribed to a website that offers weekly guides on what’s happening in my tummy and the stages of my baby’s development. If you are looking for one too, I would suggest you get it from You just need to register as member and they will email you exactly what is happening with your baby and your body each week of your pregnancy. There are also videos to watch and you would be able to meet other mommies-to-be in the same stage. This is much more fun than just receiving emails.

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