Thursday, January 17, 2008

Early Pregnancy Experiences

How was your EARLY PREGNANCY experience? Well, as for my first pregnancy, it was very challenging because I had a miscarriage before it and I had the same spotting or some call it discharge, for the first few weeks. So there was the risk of losing my baby again. That was how I lost my first because I thought the brownish discharge was a common vaginal discharge. I regretted being so ignorant about it until today. Please no matter whatever colour your discharge is, please contact your gynae.

I was given medical leave to stay at home instead of working to just lie down and lift my legs up. Even when I went back to work after that, whenever I see some spotting, I would quickly go lie down in the office bedroom for about an hour. At that time, my boss was very supportive and my colleagues too.

I can’t remember having any morning sickness. No gagging, no vomiting just a mild nauseous that easily goes away after I took some food. And I make sure I eat healthy food. I ate lot of fruits and steam vegetables. Be sure to choose your diet carefully. You want a healthy and bouncy baby right? And not forgetting the energy to push your baby out. Hehe. Eat right and eat healthily. More advice on Diet For A Healthy Pregnancy.

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