Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Miss Writing Craps!

Today is middle of the week already and it has been very quiet (i mean no opps to write). I miss writing craps! Hahahaha.

I started my new job yesterday. After an hour going through website after website, I declared that I will surely sub-con if I need to do more than 4 hours a day! My eyes got so tired. How come when I read blogs or chat for hours, not tired one???

At night, after putting my children to sleep, I did another 2 hours plus and the more I miss writing craps! Hahahaha.

Anyway, that is just my first day. No one ever say that money comes easily right? I hope and pray as I get the hang of it; it will be easier each day.


chooi peng said...

miss writing crap only? not missing us?

Michelle said...

u disappear from the internet for a while lar...see whether i miss u or not. meaning, no msn and stop blogging. :P