Friday, January 11, 2008

I Got The Job!!!

It was an hour long tele-conference with an SEO company. My first oversea tele-conference. :) I am so relief that it was not an interview coz I failed miserably at my first interview. Last night, I can't sleep well because of this.

I will be given my first trial assignment this afternoon. It will be a research work. My field. This is what I went to U for. hehehe. I love to do research.

I would not have much time for paid post anymore because I will be spending minimum of 4 hours a day facing my laptop and "spying" other's websites. LOL.

Come March, that will be 4 hours of work in the morning then the rest of the day will be for my children. Will train them to sleep by 9.30pm then back to work and blogging.

Wish me all the best. :D


huisia said...

god sure bless you :)

Anonymous said...

All the best in your new "work".

Michelle said...

huisia, all thanks and glory to Him. :)

dun want anon, anon lar...lazy to type ur name isit??? :P

Sweetpea said...


JO-N said...

Yeah, all the best. Is that the job you told me about?

Michelle said...

i think so :)