Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ways To Drive A New Car

The only new car that I drove was a Kancil which I bought brand new after a year of working. After I got my first child, paying the installment for the car is a burden. So I decided to sell the car to my brother in law. Then I bought my dad's old junk for cash.

However that car can only bring me around town but not out of my state. I can't drive the car to KL unless I don't mind driving at 80km an hour which will take me 3 hours to arrive KL instead of 2. I also can't drive my car to Genting Highland or Cameron Highland for holiday because the car has no power to climb the slopes.

I wanted to buy a new car or at least drive a new car but I can't afford it right now. Leasing a car here is very costly but I read that in UK, a lot of people opt for car leasing when they cannot afford a new car they wanted to buy. Those who like to change their car every few years, contract hire and leasing can work out as your best option. I wish we have the same here. Then I will be driving a new Honda City already. :)

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