Saturday, January 05, 2008

For A Bettere Future

More and more Malaysian are leaving this country for better future for themselves, especially when it come to retirement and better education for their children. Not only the Chinese but recently I read in the local newspaper that the educated Malays after follow our footsteps too!

Malaysian education system is going from bad to worse. Soon, everyone can easily get a diploma or degree. Quality wise, don't expect too much from them. If the government doesn’t do anything about it, even the sweeper or taxi drivers are graduates.

That is why many well to do family are packing their bags and home to start a new life in Canada, Australia or even New Zealand that has better education system and also better retirement plan for the old folks.

If you are planning to live in Canada and still looking for a job, try Now Hiring Canada. Recently they came up with a unique approach by placing one of their custom made 'Now Hiring Go To' signs in the business owner's windows, which directs the candidates to their website where they publish the employer's information on the Internet where the candidate is able to learn all they require about the available position.

Will I join them? Maybe.

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