Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Working on New Year's Day

True enough, the bosses did not turn up. I am so bored. Even though I have no Blogi to write, I finished up my PU2B for this blog. Only 2.

Well, wanna know what did I do just now? I did not sleep. Not sleepy.

1. Visited as many blogs as I can to leave comment, "Happy New Year"
2. Clean my desk, computer, radio and photocopy machine
3. Remove personal pix from under my glass desk
4. Wash stamp/cop holder. Very dusty!
5. Defrost the fridge
6. Put a soap at the sink which boss did not buy for ages
7. Read My Daily Bread
8. Thinking about 2nd Honeymoon. Where should we go and how much am I willing to spent.
9. Thinking about New Year Resolution

Wanna know what is it? I make NONE. I don't like pressures. :P


huisia said...

alamak...your boss very lousy and cheap!!

Sweetpea said...

your boss a little like mine! hahaha! not that he's THAT cheap, but he is a MAN. hopeless at housekeeping!

happy new year!