Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Computer Table for My Laptop

We were discussing whether we should buy another computer table for my laptop. Even though it is call laptop, the heat from the laptop is enough to make my lap sweats! LOL! What kind of computer table should I get? The computer carts looks very practical especially it will be out of the reach for my tiny little children and it is mobile too. When I am feeling hot from blogging, I can just push it into my bedroom that has air-cond in it.

I think my hubby would prefer the LAN Racks because we are using the same power point for his desktop and my laptop. I seldom use the laptop battery. Furthermore, with LAN Racks we can sit together and blog since most of the time he is at home when I am at home. So normally share idea when blogging. It is more fun blogging at home now. No more lone ranger like a few months ago when he is very busy with his business. :)

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