Monday, October 01, 2007

Sydney Attractions

Nobody would want to visit a place if there is nothing interesting about that place. I know of someone who would travel about 100km just to eat the food that she likes. If there is something of interest, people would surely flock to that place. Clean white beaches would definitely be the destination for beach lovers.

When I visit Australia, one of the places of visit would be Sydney. You have heard about Sydney Opera House which is a must visit spot. There are other places in Sydney that I would definitely want to visit. After checking into one of the Sydney Hotels, I would head towards the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Sydney Entertainment Centre is one of Australia's largest and most versatile indoor venues and it is primarily recognized as a venue to host concerts, family spectaculars and sporting events. I might also want to stay at one of Darling Harbour Hotels as is the leading Sydney shopping and entertainment destination. Those who love to shop must go and shop at Harbourside Shopping Centre.

Then I would head north and check into one of North Sydney Hotels. There I would visit the Kuringai Chase National Park. It has rugged scenery with pristine beaches, wildflowers, birdlife and native fauna. There is Aboriginal rock art on several of the trails. I can join one of the tours available there. Wah.. so many places to visit in Australia.

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