Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Floor is Dirty!

I always scolded my children when they lie down on the cement floor. “Stand up, the floor is dirty.” At times it is true that the floor or certain parts of the floor are dirty. It is my fault also because I did not clean the floor. However, most of the time it is not true that the floor is dirty. It looks dirty because it is a cement floor and not tiles or mosaic floor. Only certain parts of the house are tiled especially the rooms. The other parts of the house are only cemented.

My husband did bring up the idea of tiling the whole floor. However it is very costly as the floor area is big. And at that time we also do not have the financial means to tile the floor. Now that I am doing paid post, I might be able to save the money for this purpose. I have many flooring ideas that I would like to do. I want the house floor to look not only neat and clean but also beautiful and captivating with creative designs and layouts.

At I can find many other creative ideas on how to do my floor. There are various types of flooring that one can choose to do. Just make sure whatever design or types of flooring that you choose, you will enjoy walking on it.

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