Saturday, October 27, 2007

Can Only Withdraw To UOB

Recently I withdrew 2 amounts from my Paypal to my credit cards. One to UOB and one to Citibank. The UOB was used to verify my account and Citibank, I added on the day of withdrawal. 4 days after that I saw the amount in my UOB Visa online statement. There are 2 amounts there with the difference of RM2.66 so I thought maybe the other amount is the after deduction of UOB transaction charges.

But no money in my Citibank yet. After waiting for 5 days, I called Citibank. The CS told me that there is only RM1 charged by Paypal. That's all. So I contact Paypal CS and was told to wait till after 7 days. So I waited and yesterday I gave a call to Citibank, still no money, not even the RM1 charged. Funny.

I login to my Paypal and check the transaction detail and lo and behold both withdrawals went to UOB! I clearly remembered that I withdrawn the other amount to Citibank. How come it went to UOB? I think only CC that is being used to verify our account can be used to withdraw our money.

So the 2 amount that I saw is from Paypal and no charges incurred from UOB. Maybe the exchange rate for 2 different days slightly varies.

Now I wonder, when I got my Public Bank Debit Card, can my money be withdrawn there or it will automatically redirect to my UOB credit card?

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Lorna said...

I suppose this means that, before you transfer to your Citibank CC, you need to change it as Primary then do the transfer; when you want to withdraw to UOB, you set UOB as Primary and do the next transfer?

Very interesting anyways. I will test it out with my other credit card when I have the time. Thanks for the post.