Friday, October 26, 2007

Mr Wong...a

The laptop I purchased, I did not pay cash for it. Hard to let go my hard earn money in one day. So I used my credit card to pay for it. There is not difference to the price whether I pay it cash or by installment. The price is still the same because I got 0% interest for 9 months.

With the recent PR drop, I doubt I can earn as much as last before blogging. I just hope by month end I would have enough cash in the bank to pay for my credit cards. If I fail to pay then I will be charged 1.8% a month. In that case, I better look for Mr Wong, eh! no, Wonga.

They only charge 1% interest per month. That's very low right? And you can even get your cash loan within an hour in your savings account. This is another type of payday loan which you pay them back by your next payday.

Since getting money from them is so quick with low interest, I don't think people would want to use credit card anymore. Will you?

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