Monday, September 03, 2007

Police Report for Keepsake

I met with an accident today. A minor one; a motorist hit my side left door while I was turning to the left heading to my house. You can read all about it at my Sketches of Life.

My boss saw me crying in the office and asked. I told him all about it and he advised me to make a police report just to protect myself even though I don't plan to make any claim. I guess he has experienced this before. So I get my OM favor to call his police friend at the police station to advice which police station should I go to make the report.

I dragged OM along with me because they knew him. This is my first time making a police report you see. All went well, I got my report for my keepsake in case anything happened to the motorist and he too makes a police report against me.

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